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Boundries Training

Experience an Easier Way of Life!

You are invited to join us for a very informative weekend regarding the topic of Boundaries.  This popular subject has been a hot topic of discussion in self help groups for many years.

Designed for today’s generation, this experiential workshop has specifically tailored information and activities to support you in a healthier and easier way of living.  By developing a greater sense of self and recognizing that you have choices you can reclaim your personal power. 

Do you feel overwhelmed and/or overscheduled?  Do you ever feel at the effect of other people’s behaviors or choices?  Would you like more time and ease in your life? 
We have solutions!

  • Learn to:  Have clear boundaries with others and yourself; Move out of codependency and into inter-dependency
  • Learn to:  Define what you want and how to communicate it clearly
  • Learn to:  Breathe thru anxiety and/or “isolation” patterns
  • Learn to:  Say “no” when needed and detach without guilt
  • Learn to:  Apply “emotional first aid”
  • Learn to:  Utilize practical tools that will support you in everyday life experiences

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